Building and Securing Rails apps: Deploying with Docker on EC2, SSL with Cloudflare, and Domain Integration

March 22, 2024 路 1032 words 路 5 min rails

Building and Securing Rails apps Create a new rails app rails new blog_app -d postgresql --skip-test Remove windows platform from Gemfile gems. bug rails 7.1 vim config/environments/production.rb set force_ssl to false and assume_ssl to true Create the Dockerfile.production # Use a multi stage build for the builder FROM --platform=$BUILDPLATFORM ruby:3.1.2 as builder # Set production environment ARG BUILDPLATFORM ENV NODE_ENV=production ENV RAILS_ENV=production RUN curl -fsSL | bash - RUN apt-get update -qq && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends --auto-remove nodejs imagemagick libvips RUN npm install --global yarn WORKDIR /usr/src/app RUN yarn install --frozen-lockfile --network-timeout 1000000 && yarn cache clean COPY Gemfile* .

GSoC Week 12

August 20, 2023 路 200 words 路 One minute gsoc

Week 12 (21 August - 27 August) As the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program comes to an end, we have to submit our final evaluation, which includes a webpage link documenting all the work done during the period. This link is displayed on our GSoC project profile page and can be used as proof of work when presenting to future recruiters. As the program concludes, I find myself feeling nostalgic about the entire experience.

GSoC Week 11

August 13, 2023 路 208 words 路 One minute gsoc

Week 11 (14 August - 20 August) As the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the rewarding journey of the past few weeks. My primary focus during this period was to wrap up pending tasks and to document added features. One of the main tasks for this concluding week was dedicated to documentation. I took the time to thoroughly document the changes made throughout the GSoC period, with a particular emphasis on detailing the integration of OpenTelemetry.

GSoC Week 10

August 7, 2023 路 469 words 路 3 min gsoc

Week 10 (7 August - 13 August) Hey there! Let’s dive right into the exhilarating events of Week 10. Buckle up, because this week was packed with insights, developments, and a dash of future planning. GSoC Contributor Talks: Learning from the Experts GSoC Contributor Talks: Evaluations & Final Submission Guidelines with GSoC Admins It is awalys fun attending the GSoC group google meets, where the program managers - Stephanie and Perry share their insights and intructions about the program.

GSoC Adventures: Week 8 & 9

July 30, 2023 路 311 words 路 2 min gsoc

Week 8 & 9 (24 July - 6 August) 馃捇 The past two weeks have taken me on an exhilarating journey as I immersed myself in the heart of the project. So, let’s put on our virtual hardhats and delve into the captivating events of Week 8 and 9. I was on fire with coding, experimenting extensively with the new tool I dabbled in different configurations and set up the groundwork for our fresh deployment method.

GSoC Week 7

July 23, 2023 路 260 words 路 2 min gsoc

Passing the Midterm Evaluation 馃帀 Feedback from Mentor 馃摑 With this GSoC Phase 2 begins. Week 7 work 馃捈 Over the past few days, I have been occupied with my final semester exams until Thursday, which consumed much of my time. However, during the rest of the days I worked on serving assets using ActiveStorage PR pull. After discussing with my mentor, he advised me to implement a feature flag based approach for rolling out this new feature.

Improve deployment infrastructure & experience with 12 factor: Phase 1 Report

July 8, 2023 路 1860 words 路 9 min gsoc

It’s hard to believe that it has already been six weeks since I began my journey as a GSoC student at Time flies by quickly! Throughout this period, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience by exploring various tools and have significantly enhanced my skills in managing servers and handling applications in production serving a vast user base. It was also a remarkable experience to directly impact a large number of users through my contributions, such as migrating all user avatars and circuits’ images.

GSoC Week 6

July 7, 2023 路 238 words 路 2 min gsoc

GSoC Week 6 (10 August - 16 August) Welcome back to my GSoC journey with CircuitVerse! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been six weeks of coding. This week, we are expected to complete our mid-term evaluation for Google Summer of Code. Let’s dive into the highlights of Week 6 and reflect on the progress made so far. Mid-Term Evaluation As I’m currently knee-deep in my final end-term exams, I wasn’t able to whip up any fresh progress during this stretch.

GSoC Week 5 at

July 2, 2023 路 309 words 路 2 min gsoc

Week 5 (26 June,23 - 2 July,23) During week 5, I devoted most my time to Mrsk & working on serving assets using ActiveStorage. Mrsk Mrsk is a tool that allows you to deploy docker containers to bare metal servers, (or cloud VMs) using docker with zero downtime. Mrsk is still in aplha stage but is now in production at 37signals. Before my GSoC coding period, I managed to explored this tool and deployed CircuitVerse using mrsk to a fresh EC2 instance.