GSoC Week 6

July 7, 2023 · 238 words · 2 min · gsoc

GSoC Week 6 (10 August - 16 August)

Welcome back to my GSoC journey with CircuitVerse! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been six weeks of coding. This week, we are expected to complete our mid-term evaluation for Google Summer of Code. Let’s dive into the highlights of Week 6 and reflect on the progress made so far.

Mid-Term Evaluation

As I’m currently knee-deep in my final end-term exams, I wasn’t able to whip up any fresh progress during this stretch. The evaluation was like a mixed bag of goodies, ranging from how my GSoC experience has been overall to dishing about my chats with mentors and the whole project vibe.

You can preview the questions here- gsoc_evaluation_questions

Looking Ahead

CircuitVerse promotes all GSoC contributors to write 2 blog posts showcasing our technical skills and the ability to communicate and document our work effectively. These are:

  1. Phase1 Report: Progress made before the mid term evaluation.
  2. Final Report: Final report of the work done during the project.

These reports are published on, where you will find reports of previous GSoC contributors too.

In my perspective, this is an excellent practice, as these blog posts can be presented to prospective recruiters by the students. Hosting them on CircuitVerse’s official blog site lends authenticity and substantial value to these posts.

You can find my blog post here - Improve deployment infrastructure & experience with 12 factor: Phase 1 Report